Enchiladas de Queso – Cheese Enchiladas

In my house, there’s always a mystery to be solved. There is always the smell of chile; either boiling, baking or pan frying. The mystery is always trying to find out what those chiles are going to be used for. Often, the answer to this mystery is salsa but, that’s not always the answer. Chiles are a big part of my household. When the spicy scent of these throat closing wonders wafts through the house, there can be many different dishes that my mom might be preparing. Often, the mystery can be solved by how watery my eyes get and how many windows we have to open in the house to get rid of the scent.

The chiles are deveined and deseeded, ready to be boiled.

I love when the smell of boiling chile ancho and chile California wafts through the house. It isn’t an overwhelming throat itching smell, its gentler than that. We don’t have to open all the windows of the house to get rid of the smell, only the windows in the kitchen because soon my mom will need to start heating up oil.

My mom often boils the chile ancho and chile California together because she says it gives the salsa for the enchiladas a deeper flavor. After letting the chiles boil together she lets them sit there for about 15 minutes just for an extra soak.

While the chiles soak my mom has always been in the habit of cleaning up the area around her. It’s a habit I picked up from her when I was younger. Cleaning as you go helps make the process go by faster because you don’t have a sink full of dishes expecting you once you’re finished.

The salsa takes on a beautiful red color.

When the chiles are done soaking and the kitchen somehow looks cleaner than when we started, my mom put the soaked chiles in to a blender. Just the chiles and a cup of clean water and some salt for taste. The water the chiles was boiled in can be thrown out because if used it can make the salsa darker.

After the salsa is ready, crumble some queso fresco and mix it with some chopped onions. Then all you need to do is gently fry a tortilla in the oil. Now everything is ready to be put together. Dip the tortilla into the salsa so it’s all covered, add some of the ques fresco and onion mixture to the tortilla, roll up and now it’s ready to serve!

All of the ingredients ready to go.

Now go ahead and create your own mystery at home, let your family members try and guess what you’re cooking tonight.



  • 6 chiles California
  • 3 chiles ancho
  • 3 chiles pasilla
  • 15 – 20 corn tortillas
  • ¼ of a white onion (diced)
  • 1 ½ of queso fresco


1.Devein and deseed the chiles.

2. Put the chiles into a pot and let it boil. Turn off the water after it boils and let the chiles sit for 15 minutes. Put the chiles in a blender, a cup of water, add some salt to taste and blend together. Throw out the water the chiles were boiled in.

3. Heat some oil in medium heat and add the blended salsa. Let it cook f

4. Set the salsa aside.

5. Heat up oil in a pan over medium high heat, make sure it’s enough to be able to comfortably fry the tortillas.

These are the enchiladas before I added the garnish and extra sauce.

6.Fry the tortillas about ten seconds on each side or until they just start to crisp.

7. Optional: You can drain the tortillas on paper towels if you don’t want them to have a lot of oil on them.

8. Dip the tortillas on each side to coat the whole surface, ensure it’s all evenly distributed.

9. Fill the tortillas with the queso fresco and onion mixture. Roll up and set aside.

10. Place the enchiladas seam down.

11. Add any remaining sauce on top and garnish with some fresh cheese.

Enchiladas ready to serve!

12.Ready to serve!


Current college student and food enthusiast

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