Salsa Roja Mexicana – Red Mexican Salsa

One of my mom’s favorite thing to make has always been salsa. Spicy or mild; you name it, she makes it.

The ingredients can also be roasted in the oven instead of over the stove.

During the summer, my mom likes making salsa that can complement an outdoor meal. Usually, this consists of a spicy salsa that combines well with carne asada and arroz.

I have never been able to get into salsa, especially the spicy ones. I can barely handle eating Hot Cheetos on good days, and even Tapatio makes me start sweating.

However, my aversion to spicy salsa has never stopped me from enjoying the process of how it’s made.

Salsa roja (red salsa) is one of my mom’s favorites.

One of my mom’s favorite salsa to make has always ben salsa Mexicana. It’s a little on the milder side, according to my mom, and by the smell alone, I trust that.

Normally, if salsa is spicy you can smell it from a distance. There are a few salsas that my mom has made that have made my eyes water just by being close to it.

This salsa is usually just to liven up a dish, to give it that extra kick. The process of making this salsa is simple, and it only requires three main ingredients.

The salsa is made by roasting the tomatoes, chiles and garlic together and then blending everything and it will be ready.


  • A small basket of cherry tomatoes
  • 10 chiles serranos
  • 4 garlics
  • a pinch of sea salt
Add more water if you want the salsa to be a little more runny and less water if you want it to be chunkier.


  • Toast all of the ingredients together on the stovetop until thoroughly cooked. the darker the better.
  • When everything is ready add to a blender, carefully!
  • Add a pinch of sea salt and a bit of water to make it your desired texture.
  • Blend everything together and tada!
  • Salsa is ready!


Current college student and food enthusiast

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